"Thank you for an outstanding presentation during our board of directors seminar! Your contribution reached exactly the objective we had. To hear someone with practical experience in diversity is much stronger than telling about other people's experiences."

     - Director of Information, Länsförsäkringar Skåne AB


"Thank you for your very good and engaged support today. I thought it went extremely well and that we worked well together."

     - Marika Treschow, vd Academic Search regarding moderating of Diversity Challenge 2006 on live television 


"Gary’s report was the best one among commissioned reports I ever received on the U.S. financial system." 

     - Senior Economist, Fujitsu Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan


"Clients found Gary to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, honest and understanding of their needs. His success was directly tied to his keen ability to blend the societal objectives of the government with the business needs of banks and other financial service providers. Client satisfaction was a hallmark of Gary’s consulting practice."

     - Director, Financial Institutions Advisory Services, Deloitte & Touche 


"It was the best presentation on diversity I've heard. Gary's presentation and the discussion that followed was worth every öre!"

     - Bozena Werbart, Professor and Training Department Manager, MSB - Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap


"Thanks for your fantastic work at last Monday's seminar. Can't see how anyone could have done the job better. You put lots of thought into planning the event. In short, there was lots of added value due to your input. Would be great to get the opportunity to work with you again!"

     - Political Affairs and Public Diplomacy Officer, Canadian Embassy in Stockholm


"We are concerned by a recent Deloitte & Touche (Gary Baker) study showing that government agencies’ implementation of (a) new rule has been inconsistent…" 

     - Letter to Alan Greenspan and three other top regulators, by U.S. Congressmen Joseph P. Kennedy II and Charles E. Schumer, (then) Chairman,
       House of Representatives Finance Committee (now U.S. Senate Minority Leader)


"A good training session must get past the pleasantries, and discuss racial biases and prejudices. Gary was able to create an environment which allowed for sensitive, yet frank, discussions on a potentially very volatile subject."

     - Bank Vice President, San Francisco


"A big thanks for a well-executed seminar!! We were completely satisfied! There were many spontaneous comments about how good it was."

     - Peggy Molander, Studieförbundet Vuxenskola


"It is fantastic to meet people who, in such an inspirational way, promote their visions and opinions as you did at the multicultural conference."

     - PhD candidate, The Royal Academy of Technology (KTH), Stockholm


"You were magnificent. It was truly a pleasure to see you in action. You know your stuff and it shows. You gave me confidence, as an observer, that here is a guy who has walked his talk."

     - Participant at a Stockholm diversity seminar



It has always been important to me that customers' expectations are not only met, but hopefully exceeded. 

Here's what some of my past clients and others have written through the years: