A person gains lots of perspectives over a nearly 40 year career! It is now my pleasure to provide a range of services
    in a mix of areas where I have particularly enjoyed working...

About me





Originally from California, I've spent nearly half of my adult life in Sweden. I'm fully fluent in Swedish and enjoy dual citizenship. I've been fortunate to have worked for some of the world's most respected companies such as EY, PDI/KornFerry, Deloitte and John Deere, in two of the world's most dynamic markets and societies, Sweden and California. I am a "builder" by nature, and have started numerous new departments or initiatives as the business representative in multi-stakeholder collaborations involving the private, public and NGO/nonprofit sectors. At the organizational level, I have hands-on experience with sustainability, regulatory compliance, marketing and communications, talent management, sales and manufacturing. I now bring these perspectives 
to my board roles and consulting engagements, which facilitate my ability to consider "the big 
picture" impacts when faced with new challenges, and to see opportunity where others may not. 

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